Mirjana at Medjugorje March the 2nd 2008 -apparition

You can see, from my link on youtube, the apparition of Our Lady , to Mirjana this month as usually the 2nd day. God Bless you (Vittorio_Bologna_Italy)

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Among the supporters of Medjugorje the belief is common that the
current “wait and see” position of the Church depends on the fact that the "apparitions" are still ongoing.
In fact, the official position of the Church is the Zadar Declaration, signed by the Yugoslavian Bishops' Conference and unveiled in 1991.
Just read it to appreciate the reality of the facts. It states:

"On the basis of the investigations so far it can not be affirmed that… [More]
I think that the Local Ordinary is now out of it now and has no jurisdiction. Medjugorje is now being handled solely by the Vatican. With the publication of Lumen Gentium, the faithful are encouraged to be open to the way The Holy Spirit guides us, this includes private revelation.
I thought the Local Ordinary told these alleged visionaries to stop spreading these alleged messages from Our Lady...?