Benedict meets Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

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Benedict XVI on Monday morning met with Lord Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregation of the Commonwealth. Later, Rabbi Sacks held a public conference on the theme "Has Europe … More

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Modernist Presbyters and Pew Sitters since the Council are infected with "FALSE ECUMENISM" along with so many mortal miladies.

The mission of the church is to convert the world to the TRUE FAITH.
The Holy Church was faithful to this Divine Instruction until 1962.
Our Lord before He ascended to heaven did not say to His disciples, "You all go and be REAL NICE to every one and make them like you. … More
The dialogue and mutual respect between Catholicism and Judaism is a keystone for recovering any sense of morality in the Europe and
the world. The concern for the weak, the wido, the orphan, the stanger in a strange land all stem from God's revelation to the prophets of Israel.
The Pope should had preached the Gospel to the Rabbi and get him to accept the true faith instead of playing footsie with the Jew.