Father wants to be cool on Christmas

Tesa 8 2
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The people enjoy it so they feed into the pride of the priest. The more they sing the more he dances and the more he dance's the more they sing! Let's face it folks, if the people dealt with Father after Mass as devout Christians should this would stop dead in it's tracks.
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@Tesa , could you give any date and location?
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(love the profile photo, @Uncle Joe. Merry Christmas!)
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I humbly suggest that he take his show on the road and share with the world his great talent. Maybe someday, Broadway? Such great entertainment for the adoring crowds. Thoroughly protestant. Well done, Vatican II
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Uncle Joe
Look at him gesturing and jumping around like a monkey. Commercially speaking, he's a no talent clown that would get laughed off the stage if he took his pathetic act to the local club/stage.

These delusional nutjobs desperately want to be in show business but deep down they know they don't have the talent to compete. Instead, they “perform” to a captive audience which feeds their … More
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When I was in the Phils, it felt more like going to the movies. People don't genuflect and they clap at the end. Scheduled confession was once a week (Tues, 4 pm) - very inconvenient for people who work. I tried to get confession at the scheduled time about 10x, but a priest was never available. Had to attend a Novus Ordo Mass as the staff said he'd be available after that, but he wasn't. They … More
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When the priest stopped facing the Lord (and ended up facing the people) the temptation arose for the priest, especially in our media-centred age, to become an entertainer and to turn the sanctuary into a stage and the altar into a prop. Add in injunctions to be 'relevant' and competition from noisy, praise-centred evangelicals and pentecostals and we get this. Seeing the size of the congregation… More
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