Trump’s historic speech to March for Life: Abortion is ‘wrong, it has to change’

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Joseph a' Christian
@aderito We of kourse are all sinners, this is why we Katholiks go to konfession and repent. Trump is an UNrepentant, worldly man who has used and abused human beings for many, many years - and became filthy rich by his abuse of people. Trump is ANTI- LIFE. Words are cheap.

Jesus Is Truth.
@Joseph a' Christian adults they have a choice to do something good with their lives ,even when abused , babies in the womb dont ,.Besides God has used crooked vessels to do good before , .Last are we so perfect ??????
Joseph a' Christian
@aderito Using and abusing women, is not pro-life.
Entising human beings to gamble away their hard earned money, that should be used to feed, house and edukate their families, is not pro-life. This is Trump revealing his greedy, cold heart.
Let's be wise Christians.

Jesus is Truth
(even when the truth exposes how devastated and ugly the world has become) I have been konfused, depressed and … More
he has done a lot for religious freedoms and pro life
Joseph a' Christian
@Uncle Joe The lesser of two evils is not good, of course Hillary is worse, you state the obvious. Trump knows he can't win re-election without the conservative and Christian votes. So he has eloquent speeches written by well trained ass kissers.
Where was Trump over the years when the March for Life took place? He was promoting gambling, making money from other human beings losing their … More
Uncle Joe
Interesting that all the comments regarding this video or 'likes' on this video were all positive except for one person. Other than the Left Wing Media, Planned Parenthood or a rabid pro-choice/ pro-abortion Democrat who had hoped that Hillary Clinton would have been elected president, who in their right mind would possibly attempt to diminish President Trump and his clear 'pro-life credentials'… More
Joseph a' Christian
@Uncle Joe "We are protecting the sanctity of life and the family..." Trump believes in homosexual marriage, therefore his idea of a family is absurd and against our Almighty God, His holy Church.
Trump the sleazy casino owner/ money lover, has these beautiful speeches written to fool Christians and conservatives, because he needs their votes.
What an inspiring president! May God bless you, guide you and protect you from the evil one President Trump.
Imagine what Hillary would have said if she were president. Thank you, Lord for being so merciful to our country.
Thanks Mr. President. Pray for his guidance and protection. Viva Cristo Rey!
I'm glad he spoke. He got under NARAL's skin, which is a bonus! But he kept saying, "Tens of thousands" when it's CLEARLY hundreds of thousands, probably over half a million. The March for Life President, Jeannie Mancini, said she couldn't even SEE the end of the crowd, and that was just those gathered for the rally! It was a great speech, not well executed, but full of important content.

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Roberto 55
I very like president Trump speech.
Uncle Joe
We are protecting the sanctity of life and the family as the foundation of our society. But this movement can only succeed with the heart and the soul and the prayer of the people.

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