Doctrine in an Air Raid Shelter

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Doctrine in an Air Raid Shelter: Sandro Magister notices on his blog that no one listens to Pope Francis when he makes pro-life or pro-family statements. Magister believes that Francis is “perfectly … More
Uncle Joe
Restaurant Atmosphere: Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe has turned his cathedral into a big and noisy pizzeria in order to feed – quotation marks - “the poor”.

This definitely calls for its own video.
Guitar? Where's the accordion?
GJA Taylor
Why is it mainly retired prelates who speak up against the errors of this bad pope? Is it because he is an authoritarian bully? and the bishops are frightened about losing their big house and lavish lifestyle if they correct this idealogical bad pope?
My only consolation with this Pope is he will not be Pope forever. I just pray we Catholics get get a Pope that actually love his faith and its traditions.