Why the Usually Talkative Popes, Bishops And Priests are So Silent...

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Why the Usually Talkative Popes, Bishops And Priests are So Silent... The abuse allegations against Cardinal McCarrick confirm what many have suspected for a long time, Pia de Solenni, the chancellor… More
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Las acusaciones de abuso contra el Cardenal McCarrick confirman lo que muchos han sospechado durante mucho tiempo, escribió Pia de Solenni, la canciller de la diócesis de Orange en el condado de Orange Catholic. Cita: "La Iglesia ha estado insoportablemente callada en asuntos de sexualidad, familia y matrimonio porque algunos de sus líderes no viven estas mismas …
Joseph a' Christian
UnOrthodox schismatics are NOT Christians.
(read the Nicene Creed)
One Church, One Faith, One Christ Jesus.
"The Church has been uncomfortably silent on matters of sexuality, family, and marriage because some in her leadership do not live these teachings themselves."

If the Vatican will seek out more like Pia de Solenni to "promote" women to significant rolls, I'm on board.
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Is GTV anti-woman? Why were there no pics of Kovacic's beautiful wife?…/Man-Utd-news-70…

Kovacic is a lucky guy. Regrettably, the organist/singer in my parish looks like THIS.
One small correction: Emmanuel Macron, an atheist...

In June 2018, Macron identified himself as an agnostic
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