Lent At Ephesus - Benedictines of Mary

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Feb. 2014 The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles is an order of contemplative nuns who live in a cloister and are still climbing music charts. They are set to release an album later this month … More
Die Alben sind hier bei uns über AMAZON zu beziehen.
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I hope one day the sisters will have a wonderful convent church. Too bad, they haven't found an abandoned cloister rather than that country mansion. May God at the intercession of St. Joseph provide a wonderful church building for those sisters which would perfectly fit in for celebrating the tridentine Mass. It would be interesting if the sisters already have a church building project. If they … More
Fastenzeit in Ephesus - Benediktinerinnen von Mary.
The sisters should remove the curtains on the windows of the room used as a church. Curtains on church windows are rather unusual.
Singing like angels--what a happy life for god! her voices are heavenly and so many young nuns! What a hope for church
Wow, what an awesome vid! These sisters sing like the proverbial angels. May this new album of those fervent spouses of Christ reach many hearts and, of course, many record stores. Too bad, I haven't found any of the sisters' albums here in Germany as of yet.
Excellent video!