"I am convinced that Pope Francis does not believe in the existence of hell" 8 6
Professor Roberto de Mattei Rome, April 2018 More
Mrs. Maureen Avila
Benedict XVI stated soon after his abdication that he was retaining the mumus of the papal office. It was noted by a Traditional lawyer in the USA that if he did not resign the mumus, then he did not resign and was still pope. The question of force or threat, or pressure to resign still has not been answered.
As for Pope Francis, he may be sly enough not to be easily labeled as a "formal heretic"… More
Gesù è con noi
Si el Profesor Roberto de Matte dice que un papa puede perder poder de jurisdicción del papado porque puede renunciar o perderlo porque entonces niega que el pecado de la herejía y apostasía de Bergoglio causan tambien la perdida Ipso Facto del poder de jurisdicción?
Sanción canónica del Código de Derecho Canónico:
La herejía, el cisma y la apostasía están tipificados como delitos canónicos … More
Dear Professor Maite please answer us:
Since when do you think Jorge Bergoglio fell into heresy?
Because what we affirm is that Bergoglio is not pope because he was already a formal heretic in Argentina before being invalidly elected. Where he already allows the sacrilegious communion to Gay couples and adulterers and where he already allowed gay adoptions and supported homosexuality. And the … More
"Estoy convencido de que el Papa Francisco no cree en la existencia del infierno" Profesor Roberto de Mattei
Negar el dogma del Infierno es negar completamente la fe católica entonces el Profesor Roberto Mattei no debe llamar a Bergoglio papa porque esto demuestra que Bergoglio ni siquiera profesa la fe católica ya es hora de llegar a la conclusión de que Bergoglio en Argentina no fue que … More
He doesn't mention anything about the root cause for Benedict's "abdication" of the papacy. He only treats the consequences of his action. Also, he states since the pope has not declared openly and officially his denial on the Catholic doctrine of Hell, nothing can really be done about Francis. And so the confusion continues. This plays into Satan's plan perfectly.
Holy Cannoli
My compliments to on getting this interview. Roberto seems like a very nice and knowledgeable person however his responses were slow and labored (possibly because English is not his primary language) so it is difficult to listen to him. I would not have had the patience to sit there for the entire time. I hope Roberto invited team Gloria out to a nice lunch (at an expensive Italian … More
He shall believe !