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+Praise God, praise God, praise God for His brilliance. Reducing the universe to nothing without the Father and therefore there being no truth struck me like a smackdown of a Jewish Nobel Winner in Physics who claimed in a tedtalk in 2007 there is truth and beauty in physics and God is not necessary to explain the accidents or holes in the fundamental theories....hope he accepts the grace to repent and his great knowledge isn't a millstone for eternity. Thanks be to God for your preaching Fr. Nay!
Holy Cannoli
Dear Fr. Nay,

You can't really trust what you see?

Further proof of your above comment is that people who witness a certain event, a car accident for example, will often report different accounts of what actually took place.The same is true for those who witness a crime.

Believing in what you see is beleiveing in nothing.

Better: Believing in what you see is believing in illusions.

Plato, obviously not a Christian, did have an influence on Christian philosophy. Although his terminology is … [More]