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Poverty According to the Vatican: René Brülhart, a Swiss lawyer and president of the Vatican’s corruption and laundering watchdog called, “Financial Information Authority,” receives 450,000 Dollars … More

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GJA Taylor
So the anti corruption chief gets paid 450k dollars p.a . I wonder what papa francis' PR man is being paid?
I hope and pray that God will give the Vatican and the European governments a clear sign that they must repent.
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I dont think whats happening in the Church is what our Lord Jesus Christ ,wants , those that are doing what world wants , will be judge for it . John the Baptist would say REPENT OR ELSE !!!!!!!
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.....ah, that would explain not only Latin America, but the appointments to very small Dioceses in the Caribbean too. Disasters, all of them: some are still in the youth of their priesthood, no experience, no loyalty to The Faith and all showmen and 'Career Clerics'. Not one exhibits the odour of holiness.....
Holy Cannoli
MONEY Matters:

More from the interview with Father Hans Langendörfer:
And you’re at risk of excommunication if you don’t pay it (the Church tax)?
Yes. We regard this [non payment], as it always was, as a public withdrawal of Church attendance. You never get rid of the grace of your baptism, and this is very important for every human being. But you can refrain from being an active Catholic and … More
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Speaking of Lady poverty, lots of people are under the impression that Bergoglio nicknamed himself after Saint Francis. Not true...he actually nicknamed himself after Francis Bernadone, the icon of the 60s children (who like Bergoglio never grew up). Bernadone was a degenerate prior to his conversion. He would have been all for ripping off the faithful