Persecution of Catholic Webpage

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Persecution of Catholic Webpage Police searched the premises of the staunchly Catholic Italian webpage run by Piergiorgio Seveso on April 9th. The webpage was reported to the police … More
Jim Dorchak
I would love to see a break down on the Mass attendance between the Latin Mass and the N.O. mass! I wonder if one is growing and the other is dropping? Just saying.
Holy Cannoli
The Moldovan Choir Boys return from their International Easter tour to take a few moments and comment on GTV news.
Dr Bobus
The situation in the Middle East is very complex. It makes no sense to try to blame the mess on one boogie man--US, CIA, Israel, Oil, Sykes Picot, Putin, Middle East culture, et .
Dr Bobus
Why would the CIA have objected to the comparison of the heavy immigrant European influx to Barbarian invasions? Facebook is well known for its leftist polity, which would applaud the destruction of whatever European mores still remaining.
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Persecución de la página web católica:

La policía registró las instalaciones de la incondicionalmente católica página web italiana dirigida por Piergiorgio Seveso el 9 de abril. El sitio web fue denunciado a la policía por Francesco Spano, un activista homosexual y ex director de una oficina gubernamental contra el racismo. Las acusaciones se refieren a … More