The Total Collapse of the Faith and the Holy Mother of God

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Happy Solemnity of the Mother of God — a tremendous Feast! And we are going to need the protection of our heavenly Mother this year. Recall that since the Blessed Virgin Mary is the Mother of God, … More
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Gloria Thomas through Mary came Christ the Redemptor through Mary will come Christ Salvator. It is Holy Trinity's will to engage Mary Coredemptrix, Advocate and Mediatrix. Viva Cristo Rey et Maria Immaculata!
Why is it that the Church will only triumph thanks to Mary?
answer to Gloria Thomas: The childbirth the Woman suffered is because of the birth of us, the new Man of which Mary is Mother. She fled into the desert to protect us from the attacks of Satan. Mary and her children are 'in the desert' now because the world has lost all her attractiveness to us and we are waiting for the coming of the Kingdom that will come after the Woman has defeated the Dragon … More
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answer to Petrus: That Woman clothed with the sun suffered in childbirth, and then fled into the wilderness after her child was taken up to heaven. The Fathers of the Church quoted in the compendium of Catholic exegesis of Sacred Scripture by Cornelius a Lapidus, SJ (cir. 1550) believed this figure of the Woman was the Church itself to whom these things can be properly attributed and who is … More
Gloria Thomas: What about the Woman clothed with the sun (Rev. 12)? Pope Paul VI identified this Woman with Our Lady of Fatima ("Signum Magnum", 1967). And Apostolic Tradition did not end with the Bible. That is, indeed, a protestant view. Apostolic Tradition includes the official teaching of the successors of the Apostles.
Gloria Thomas your dilemmas are the result of cognitive error due to inability to distinguish between false and true Mariology. They seem to resemble protestant views. I would suggest reading Saints, i.e. Thomas and Louis Grignon. Their reflections on Our Lady may quickly clarify for you who Mother of God is in Scripture and remains forever, if you engage the minimum of will and intellect...
i believe that in the beginning the church elder leaders they had more information about Mary to use in the new testament but they wanted the focus to be more on Peter as the head of the church
"Saint John had Her in his home." But, St. John wrote the Gospel of St. John, three epistles and the Apocalypse, and in all these books he never said one word about his personal relationship to Mary as intercessor or his religious devotion to her or her influence on the apostles or our religious duty to her. Neither did any of the other apostles or disciples. Her name is never mentioned in … More
Rozpamätaj sa, sv. Panna Mária

Rozpamätaj sa, sv. Panna Mária, že nikdy nebolo počuť, že by bol niekto opustený, kto sa utiekal pod tvoju ochranu a teba o pomoc alebo o príhovor žiadal.

Aj ja touto dôverou povzbudený k tebe, Matka, Panna pannien, sa ponáhľam, k tebe prichádzam, k tebe sa uchyľujem, ja úbohý hriešnik.

Matka večného Slova, nezavrhni moje slová, ale ma milostivo vypočuj a vyslyš. … More
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