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Gracias Josefina ,que ati tambien bendiga la paz ,te quiero mucho [More]
¡Qué maravilla, qué preciosidad!
Desconocía totalmente este hermos lugar.
Al leer tu correo, me dije: "Esto no me lo dejo perder"
¡Qué la visita a dicha ermita sea portadora de esa paz que envuelve todo el paisaje!
y muchos ...
@holyrope Thank you for commenting on my video
im glad you know this shrine,
i think many people would love to visit this place and drink
from this miraculous spring water : ) I really loved visiting this
shrine too
holyrope 3
Very nicely done! Thank you! I have been to this shrine a few times. Nice music too! Goes well with the film.
Aunty do you want me to put your pictures in Cabrini Mountain ? . ◕ ‿ ◕.
me encanto el video, gracias por traerlo