Act of Fidelity?

No Interest: Catholic Culture reported the story of the seminarian Nick Sentovich, who is a 3rd-year student at the North American College in Rome. The American third-year seminarians are traditional… More

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Sunamis 46
How about the franciscans of the immaculate?
Guy McClung, Texas
Totalitarian Egoists MUST have oaths from their minions to them personally. Such oaths imply the forsaking of the worship of God, and the required worship of the dictator as a god. Many many of the church's martyrs were martyred specifically for failing to publicly worship the emperor as a god and get the ensuing "certificate" that showed they had done so. A "francisoath" would violate "I am the … More
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Uncle Joe I also like sports but this time I'll be more conciliatory and say lets hope that Truth will WIN... P.S. I prefer to popularize Fatima message confirmed by CC...
Uncle Joe
P.S. Please don't be arrogant and be a man who if he decides to go in public is ready to be disputed.

I am eagerly willing to concede defeat.

Uncle Joe In your allegory you have still not exceeded your master's absurdity who compared the Apostles to Dzihadists, especially those who disagree with him. However, there is clear sense of irritation and mockery of the Catholic resistance revealing in your text. Of course, in line with the global agenda to keep the orthodox Catholic under strict control and reduction of his actions to sole … More
Uncle Joe
Dear Rafał_Ovile,
To briefly recap our discussion:
You wrote: “there is a possibility that in the future Va will enforce a profession of loyalty to Francis whose papal Office is questioned by Catholics”

That was the contention of the blog Anonimi della Croce and it was the focus of my first post on this thread. The article (actually it is only an opinion) was merely posted on a blog. A blog … More
Uncle Joe my point is that for a Catholic it is natural at this stage to be most concerned with objective destruction and devisive chaos of Francis. More concern than you claim to Fr Minutella's doubtful activity in Palermo. As far as I know Fr. Minutella is part of Resistnace against Francis and the aformentioned destruction he caused to family. If Fr goes crazy I will revise my support. For … More
The act of Fidelity reminds me of the mark of the beast in Revelation.
Uncle Joe
Dear Rafał_Ovile,
I should say that I am not interested in who is the pope other than it's regularly a topic of discussion here on GTV which I never participate in. Neither am I interested in Medjugoogoo, or the latest apparition, or crying icons that may appear in a Greek Church.

I discuss these kinds of things with very few people. Clearly, there are many Catholics who question Franics' legiti… More
Uncle Joe the famous document Amoris which is becoming a "superdogma" is far more dangerous and geographically more influential than Fr. Don Minutella from Palermo. I am very suspicious of private revelations which are not confirmed by Church. However do you remember pp Paul VI's decision to allow global production of revelations without imprimatur? Nevertheless, there is a possibility that in … More
Uncle Joe
Minutella's case was unique and more than simply disagreeing with Francis although he did disagree. I don't think this is what Anonimi della Croce is now referring to in their Act of Fidelity.

Minutella had gotten in trouble in the nearby Archdiocese of Monreale - a city just a few miles from Palermo in Sicily. Back in 2015, Monreale’s Archbishop Michele Pennisi disciplined him due to his … More
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This "act of fidelity" was requested to be said by Fr. Minutella or excommunication, I guess by that time was the draft. Is no surprise that would happen.
Uncle Joe
Act of Fidelity?
They will all have to pronounce it publicly. Those who refuse, will be suspended.

I'd give my paisans at Anonimi della Croce an A+ for imagination but a D for likelihood of their scenario actually happening. Although the Francis Regime is capable of almost any novelty, even they must realize that outside of the … More
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