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holyrope 3
Looks like some people haven't paid too much attention to the different subjects for video posting under the CATEGORY list.

The real concern some people are having is this subject of Illegals entering our Country. They feel that American Laws do not apply to them! Only to LEGAL Americans. But they certainly enjoy the benefits of LEGAL AMERICAN taxpayerstaking care of their medical and social security! Some nerve!
Holy Cannoli
...let's get rid of "illegal" videos that have nothing to do with the Catholic Faith!

There are numerous videos uploaded to (including some of my own) that do not deal directly with Catholicism except perhaps in a peripheral way. Does “Wine Tasting With Ginger” have anything to do with Catholicism? Of course not. Yet, you didn't call that video “illegal.”

I liked “Wine Tasting With Ginger” despite the fact it was not one of the seemingly endless litany – and usually boring because … [More]
holyrope 3
Colonel West is growing in popularity among the conservatives. Need more like him.