Scandal in the Church

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Within a month we had the Cardinal McCarrick scandal, the Pennsylvania diocese report of 300 priests, & Pope Francis statements on the death penalty. Why is all of this happening? What can we do? … More
I've stated this many times on this forum. The laity will save the Church from self-destruction. Christ is our head. Hold fast to our traditions. We are the Church Militant. There are good faithful priests in our midst and we will overcome these dark times.
Joseph a' Christian
We the remnant, ONE TRUE CHURCH of the ONE TRUE CHRIST, are to live and proclaim the ONE TRUE FAITH.
Our Holy Lord Jesus’ Teachings are our strength and guide through these last days of deceit and perversion.
Man’s filthy, absurd world is dying. Thanks be to Almighty God.
(Thessalonians 2) Our Apostle Paul reveals to us that there must be a revolt before our Lord’s return: Vatikan II. Also, … More