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Teponazcuicatl/The Procession of the Drum

Mexico was conquered by the Spanish between 1519-1521. They introduced the christian religion to Mexico. Between December 9th-12th 1531, the Virgin Mary supposedly appeared to a Mexican peasant named Juan Diego Cuauhtlatoatzin (now St Juan Diego … [More]
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Thanks a lot for the post -- absolutely excellent music and video. And, on a perhaps "offbeat note" i would like to say, my POV - the frequency coming from the music is very uplifting and healing

(unfortunately, cut off my translation at the bottom of the description, but here is the english translation of the nahuatl lyrics... the words don't start until about 1:57)
i) yn tlapapalxochicentli ni yol aya, nepapan tonacan xochitl moyahua ya oncuepontimoquetzacoyana ya aya ye teoyaixpan tona a Santa María ay yo/
Painted by the flowering ear of corn my heart comes to life.” Now the various flowers of our sustenance are scattered about, bursting into bloom in front of the divine … [More]