Francis riding through the streets of Dublin waving to no one.

HerzMariae 7 2
One person at the side waves back.
@Irish and Catholic I was there in the Phoenix Park (was glad to see some work on the tragically Magazine Fort), so my day wasn't wasted. I certainly didn't get communion there, which being Novus Ordo is doubtful anyhow. I got a Low Mass in the morning elsewhere. Half empty doesn't quite describe it, at 130k three quarters empty puts it better. Parts of the route (like theexit airside) were … More
Irish and Catholic
Are you a total fool this street is at Dublin Castle the public were not allowed into it. This is FAKE NEWS. WTF is going on here This site is becoming more like the national enquirer tabloid every day. Defend Truth do not publish blatant lies. The Pope had a good reception in Ireland get over it . This is not 1979 its 2018 Ireland has changed so has the world. Pray for the Pope and for Christ's … More
I tak kończy się rozpoczęta na wielką skalę za pontyfikatu JPII era pielgrzymowania do ludzi, może wróci era pielgrzymowania ludzi do Grobu i Katedry Księcia Apostołów gdy zasiądzie na niej jakiś Piotr - Rzymianin.
It is pretty sad but it is what Francis WANTED. Roman Catholic Church became ALIENATED and very soon will be put on international list of CRIME ORGANIZATION.

Bergoglio es un destructor enemigo de Cristo y enemigo de las almas que está llevando a los sodomitas a la perdición eterna. Pobre de los bergoglianos que se han convertido en sus cómplices son los mayores enemigos del alma de Bergoglio que lo están ayudado a que se condene, los bergoglianos son los mayores enemigos de sus propias almas.
Jim Dorchak
Well what do you expect? Ireland is not in the least bit Catholic.
Gloria a Dios el Sensus Fidelium rechazó a Bergoglio en Dublin.