"Sperm"-Attack on Rocco Buttiglione 8
On May 27th 2017, interviewed Rocco Buttiglione in Budapest. Then apro-choice journalists showed up.
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Holy Cannoli
Jungerheld: The thugs would supply defense when/if needed. It was not needed in Rocco's case but there are circumstances (such videos have been posted on Gloria) when the rabid pro-aborts go way over the line by destroying property and threatening or committing physical violence against the pro-lifers. Under these circumstances a little deterrent is warranted.
A minor assault takes … More
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What are you speaking of? To bring forth new life is one of the biggest joy or at least a very joyfull burden.
@Schlaefer, my suggestion is that we save everyone the trouble of getting gender wrong and go straight to the point most agree on: There are two kinds of people - those hassled, burdened, crippled, weighed down with the possibility of bringing forth new life and those who are not.

What a disaster we make of things when we insist on our way rather than seeking and preferring "God's way."
How odd, a deranged something (with the LGBT*-thing you always be wrong with the gender, or what is left of it) goes for a walk with a sperm cup. Those are the times, when I hope, that the three days of darkness shall be better right around the corner.
There's not much use to talk to them. They just want to take as many down with them into the pit with their self-hatred. Laugh at them, i mean … More
What was the original purpose of Rocco Buttiglione being filmed? Hopefully that is forthcoming!

@Holy Cannoli, it appears you are suggesting the possibility of bad peripheries! Wouldn't large, bulky men will get us accused of returning provocation for provocation?

Witnesses and a video or two are helpful!

Kidding aside, these kinds of confrontations are sure to … More
Holy Cannoli
This is definitely one of the best videos I've ever seen on

I have 2 suggestions for 'next time.' 1) Avoid outdoor (public) venues for filming especially when dealing with highly charged/controversial subjects. However, if there are compelling reasons to film outdoors, do the filming in an area that is not so readily accessible to the hoi polloi for reasons clearly … More