Vespers on S:t John the Baptist beheading day 1

Vespers in the cathedral of Uppsala on 29th August 2009, Memorial day of the Beheading of S:t John the Baptist, with Arbetsgemenskapen kyrklig förnyelse, Swedish Church Union (High church/catholic renewal movement within the Church of Sweden). … [More]

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Well this is vespers and not a mass so no once can state that this service is is good for ecumenical celebrations. In 1989 when the Pope JPII visited Sweden and the Scandinavian countries a ecumenical vesper was celebrated in this cathedral with the arch bishop of the Church of Sweden (and also the arch bishop of the Finnish lutheran church).

Nice to hear you like the music.
Reto: Hahahha! Quite...! The Roman Church seems to have turned away from litrugical excellence and so your comment about the music in this video is fair.

However, in recent years, with the advent of Pope Benedict XVI, this is being addressed and remedied.

Karpov89 seems rather insistant on offering a selection of protestant postings. Not to worry, we just enjoy the music!
Very interesting video. Hard to tell that this is not Catholic, well, the singing and the organ are too good.