Jim Pouillon murdered for holding pro-life sign..

Jim Pouillon murdered for holding pro-life sign From Missionaries to the Preborn Law enforcement authorities have now made it public that Jim Pouillon was in fact murdered specifically because of his displaying pro-life signs on the streets. The … [More]

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There are three churches, one south, Idaho Falls, I think you are talking about, and the other up North, the one closest, in Fruitland Idaho, was at one time, an SSPX which I would have loved to attend, it is only about 60 miles round trip. The other two churches, at hundreds of miles, so I am planning an attendance there soon. The Fruitland Church, I was excited about, When I got there the Church was deserted. Just the sign out front, and I stopped at the nearest store for information, and … [More]
God Bless his family &friends.What A good man he was!
REVTHREE...That's do know that there are 3 churches in your state that have Latin Mass, don't you? Why weren't you able to kneel, as you say?
Thankyou hoyrope1 and this morning at Holy mass, I picked the right side of the church, and got lucky. I was able to recieve the Eucharist on the tongue right from our Priest. Although I wasn't able to kneel. Planning a trip, possibly down south 450 miles, or even to Portland, or Seattle with a brother of mine, in the Church. We are calling it, the great Tradition Eucharist Adventure! In quest of a Tradition Mass. I will keep you informed once I go to my first one. [More]
Well said, REVTHREES21. [More]
What a great way to meet the Lord. Entering the Kingdom of Heaven as a Martyr. I don't think Harlan James Drake, realized what a great honor, he just bestowed, on this uncompromising Saint. Thanks for sharing, this Revspitz. And God bless you for your stand against abortion. [More]