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God bless this child!

You'll only accept compliments, but not the truth from other Catholic posters who have tried to help inform you that you promote anti-Catholic organizations like UNESCO. Do your homework before posting, and posting and posting. It gets old.

Speaking the Truth is what holyrope 3 does. The Truth is only "crass" or "rude" to those who are strangers to Truth.

I agree with holyrope 3-there have been many ignorant individuals making statements calling those who put anti-illegal immigration videos up racist when in fact the truth is exactly the opposite! The good news is that people like holyrope 3 and I will never stop putting videos up that shine the light of truth on issues and will let the ignorance and slander that people put up trying to hide truth roll off our backs! The Truth is not popular and when you tell the truth there will always be … [More]

Promoting UNESCO is NOT providing "truly apostolic charachter"! You need to do your homework.. There have been numerous posters giving truth about this pro abortion, new world order UNESCO. And this hasn't been the only misinformation that has been given. And for you, Gregory...grow up!

Thank you Holyrope and good night.

sure, schoole.... anytime

Sorry Holyrope, I did not see that.
But do you think we could speak in another way to each other?

who is she? schoole? The one that talked about me in the 3rd person while I was here?

Dear Holyrope, it is not very polite to talk about somebody in 3rd person while she is here.

there she goes, post. post...