Gloria TV News on the 29th of March 2012

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Kill The Obamacare Death Panels State could recognize a Certain Stability The Mindset is the Dangerous Thing In Honor of the return of the Bees

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Lucia and Doina, good afternoon, thanks for the news today. Congratulations to the team
holyrope 3
Oh, the Novus Order and their bee hives.....what next? Have Mercy!
@Doina - Gosh..... why is it that most of these things have their origin in the USA? Even though we across the pond have our troubles, e.g. in Germany and right here in the UK, things like the "Death Panels" are not in evidence. I am still struggling to understand the source of the problems in the American Church. The radix radices if you will....

Great news about the Exultet...