Enjoy. Composition of "Laurence England" about the Amazon Synod Anthem

"Laurence England" has finished a composition of the official Pan-Amazonian Synod Anthem. Source,
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Ahora nadie podrá excusarse de ignorancia. Todos los que están unidos al anti Papa Bergoglio se han separado de la Iglesia de Jesucristo y forman parte de la anti iglesia de Satanás.
I keep wondering how one would be able to talk with a big round disk sticking out of one's lip. Will our priests now have to have this as an addition after the Amazon Synod? Confession could take eternity.... for some of us.... having to talk to a priest like this!
It’s a built-in communion patten. Quite practical. and one more user like this. likes this.
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See i did not even think of that.... man that "spirit of VII" sure is something. Down right pastoral eh? likes this.
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Sad truth of the state of our Church.
Lord forgive us
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I would pass on this one.