ኢየሱስ ፊልም በአማርኛ The Jesus Film - Amharic / Abyssinian / Ethiopian Language (Ethiopia)

ኢየሱስ ፊልም በአማርኛ ይህ ነው ታሪክ የ ኢየሱስ - በአማርኛ ልሳን The Story of the Life and Times of Jesus Christ (Son of God). According to the Gospel of Luke. (Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Israel) Amharic / Abyssinian /…More
ኢየሱስ ፊልም በአማርኛ ይህ ነው ታሪክ የ ኢየሱስ - በአማርኛ ልሳን The Story of the Life and Times of Jesus Christ (Son of God). According to the Gospel of Luke. (Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, Israel) Amharic / Abyssinian / Ethiopian / Amarinya / Amarigna / Amhara Language. God Bless You All.

Jesus begins with the narrator explaining that the story is based on the Gospel of Luke as narrated by Luke to Theophilus. During the days of Emperor Augustus and King Herod the Great, Mary is visited by the angel Gabriel who tells her that she will give birth to Jesus, the Son of God. Later, Mary visits Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist, who tells her that she is the most blessed of women and that her child is blessed.

When the Romans hold a census, Mary travels with her husband Joseph to his hometown of Bethlehem to register. There, Jesus is born in a manger. An angel visits a group of shepherds, proclaiming that the Messiah has been born. A week later, Mary and Joseph travel to Jerusalem to present Jesus at the Temple. There, they are greeted by Simeon, who blesses Jesus as the Christ. Mary and Joseph then return to their hometown of Nazareth.

At the age of twelve, Jesus becomes separated from his parents during a Passover trip to Jerusalem. They find him among the religious leaders and teachers. When Mary asks about his whereabouts, Jesus tells them that he was in His Father's house. Years later, during the reign of Emperor Tiberius and King Herod Antipas, John the Baptist begins his preaching ministry. He baptizes Jesus in the Jordan River and the Holy Spirit descends upon Jesus. Jesus is subsequently tempted in the wilderness by Satan but withstands the Devil's trials.

Later, Jesus preaches that he is the Messiah that Isaiah prophesied and narrowly escapes being killed by the angry crowd. Traveling to Capernaum, Jesus recruits the disciples Peter, James, and John after helping them to find a large haul of fish. During his preaching ministry, Jesus resurrects the daughter of Jairus. Jesus then recruits twelve apostles from among His disciples including Matthew and Judas Iscariot. Jesus' followers also include several women including Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and Susanna.

The film covers several of Jesus' teachings and messages including the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector, the Beatitudes, the Golden Rule, loving your enemy, and the Parable of the Sower. While visiting the home of the Pharisee Simon, a sinful woman anoints Jesus' feet, prompting Jesus to forgive her sins.

Jesus and his disciples later travel across the Sea of Galilee where he calms the storm. At Gerasa, Jesus exorcises a demon-possessed man and the demons enter a herd of swine. At Bethsaida, Jesus feeds five thousand with five loaves and two pieces of fish. Later, Jesus and his disciples travel up a mountain where Jesus encounters the prophets Moses and Elijah and is transfigured.

As Jesus' preaching and healing ministry grows, he reaches out to the sinners and outcasts including prostitutes and tax collectors, earning the ire of the Pharisees and religious teachers. When Jesus heals a sick woman, a Pharisee chastises him for healing on the Sabbath. Jesus calls him a hypocrite and tells him that he would untie his ox to give it straw or water on the Sabbath. Jesus also befriends the tax collector Zaccheus, convincing him to repay people he has extorted. While preaching the Parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus befriends a little girl and tells his disciples not to forbid the little children from coming to Him.

Jesus and his disciples later travel to Jerusalem to fulfill his mission to die for the sins of humanity. Jesus draws the attention of the Pharisees, Jewish religious leaders, and Romans after he drives the merchants out of the Temple. In Jerusalem, Jesus praises a widow for offering her livelihood of two copper coins. He also teaches the Parable of the Tenants and to pay taxes to Caesar. At the Last Supper, Jesus warns his disciples of his impending betrayal and death. Judas conspires with the religious leaders to betray Jesus.

At the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus is betrayed by Judas and captured by the Jewish authorities. Peter denies knowing Jesus three times before the cock crows. The following day, Jesus is condemned by the religious leaders. He is then brought before by Pontius Pilate, who sends him to Herod. While Pilate exonerates Jesus of wrongdoing, the Jesus leaders and crowd demand Jesus' death. Pilate releases Barabbas and reluctantly condemns Jesus to crucifixion.

After being scourged, Jesus is forced to carry his cross through the streets. When he collapses from exhaustion, Simon of Cyrene is obliged to carry his cross. When a woman serves him water, Jesus tells her not to weep for him but for themselves and their children. At Golgotha, Jesus is crucified besides two robbers, one of whom recognizes him as the Messiah. following Jesus' death at noon, the sky is plunged into darkness and the curtain of the Temple is ripped through the middle.

Joseph of Arimathea buries Jesus in a tomb. Jesus rises from the dead on the third day. He later appears to his disciples and followers, reassuring that his death and resurrection is in accordance with Bible prophecy. Before ascending back to Heaven, Jesus tells them that all power and authority has been given to Him and commands them to go and make disciples of all nations.
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