Man Rips up TFP Marriage Banner in NY

TFP Student Action -- On June 2, 2011, while TFP volunteers peacefully rallied in support of God's marriage in New York, a pro-homosexual advocate violently ripped up their traditional marriage banner. Get the full story here:…/video-pro-homos…

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UPDATE: Man Who Destroyed TFP Marriage Banner ARRESTED

"TFP banner destroyer arrested -- we got some good news today:a police officer with the Fairport Police Department called to inform us that the assailant who shredded our banner in Fairport, New York, was identified and arrested.
The incident was both filmed and photographed and I imagine the police had little difficulty finding the culprit. He will be summed to court on July 14 to answer charges. "…/update-man-who-…
The attacker was arrested and will face trail on July 14.

Some liberals are saying this was a set up. May be they should call the restaurant he owns and ask why the owner did this: 585-223-0556.

TFP, NOM and most conservative groups carry lots of cameras to protect themselves from their tolerance demanding friends. And it's a good thing too.

The man with the baseball cap is the principle of a local Catholic highschool. He will be attending the court case.
Awesome!....but it makes my blood boil. Michael Chad, I'm glad you weren't more injured by that beer bottle. I like the "Aggressor!" reaction, but I'm wondering how it would go if instead, all the TFP volunteers just started pointing at people like these and laughing at them and mocking their babylike behavior. I guess it would probably cause a stronger reaction in these people who lack arguments. May Our Lady continue to bless the TFP and this awesome apostolate - - - True Glory Can Only Be Born Of Pain!
Too bad I don't live there. If I were driving by, I'd honk my horn!! :)
God bless you abundantly for standing up for His cause.
The man who got hit by the bottle is the man who brought Our Lady of Fatima's statue to my grandmother's house :( He is a good guy, shame nothing is done about these evil crimes.
If someone attacks a homosexual activist, it's called a hate crime. Attacks against christians are not treated equally, I think.

Keep up the good work!

God bless,
Rockford pro-life
God bless and protect all those with TFP.