Francis Attacked

Gloria.TV News 7 5
Newspaper Thrown at Francis: Pope Francis was pelted with a newspaper on Monday before celebrating Mass in Santiago del Chile while driving in his Papa Mobile. Users commented on that he … More
"Better served with a Catechism"...LOL
Pope Francis should be happy the attack wasn't worse. Hopefully it will be a wake-up call for him but probably and unfortunately will not as he appears to be immune to the Truth.
Uncle Joe
Newspaper Thrown at Francis: To be serious for a moment, there are more appropriate ways to express ones displeasure with a public figure (including the pope) outside of physically throwing something at the target. Signs, boos, shouting insults, gestures, etc.

One of the purposes of the security team is to prevent projectiles from hitting the intended victim. That is, of course, unless the … More
Pope Francis Patron Saint of SJW's. Lol!
Sunamis 46
1.someone was unhappy
2.that's amoris for the cameras and when they are gone
Reality shows up
To implement anti-papal Benedict XVI strategy at this stage of degradation of Petrine Office Francis' conscious and unconscious surrogates need to 1. title Francis "Pope Francis" and 2. maintain management of constant level of high emotional attention to just about anything except for Truths of the Catholic Faith.