1st Sunday Aug.: Feast of God The Father-He Speaks to His Children-introduction

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Godtube Catholic Caucus: Feast of [God] Father of Mankind [1st Sunday in August] The Father speaks to his children ^ | July 1, 1932 and August 12, 1932 | Mother Eugenia Elizabettia Ravasio www.… More
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God the Father Feast, for all Mankind.
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A son honors his father, and a servant his master. If then I am a Father,
where is my honor? -MAL 1:6
In 1932, an extraordinary event occurred. A nun named Mother Eugenia Ravasio reported that God the Eternal Father
appeared to her on two separate occasions. The first time was on July 1, 1932. The second time was on August 12, 1932.
After a ten year investig… More
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