The Election of Francis Was Orchestrated

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Francis Was Elected To Carry Out a Lutheran Reform Monsignor Antonio Livi, a former dean and professor at the Lateran University in Rome, formerly incardinated in the Opus Dei, told in an … More
GChevalier mentioned this post in Msgr Livi on Pope Francis, His Promoting of Heretics and of a Lutheran Reform.
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Amén Atanasio de Trento ... Cualquier intento de justificar a Bergoglio con todo el "bagage" de herejía-apostasía que conlleva, mientras se descalifica a Papas irreprochablemente electos.. es alarmante. ¿ Puede acaso de una misma fuente brotar agua dulce y amarga a la vez?...
Dr Bobus
@Atanasio de Trento I have Argentinian friends from my Roman years. One is a bishop, a very good man who studied St Thomas and invited me to his Episcopal consecration. Another is a philosophy professor who told me after the conclave that Bergoglio was the worst choice. I knew nothing of the Bergoglio history except that he is of the generation of priests, ordained from about 1960 to 1970, … More
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The Election of Francis Was Orchestrated
Russian Hackers?
Oh please.....this is nothing new in the Roman Church. We have survived Medici Popes, Borgia Popes, Popes who were more politicians than spiritual Fathers. We shall survive this one, and there is a reason he was allowed to be Pope. Maybe, just maybe, we ought to do a lot of introspection, and find out WHY God allowed this is be.
Dr Bobus Bergoglio was a heretic prior to his invalid election and this disqualifies him to became a Pope because an heretic can not be a pope.
The Argentinians know Bergoglio Better
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Antonio Livi creo que todavía el año pasado pertenecía al Opus. ¿Fue expulsado, o lo ha dejado, o no es cierta esa afirmación de no pertenecer ya a la prelatura?
atreverse pensar
When Antonio Livi leaves Opus Dei?
Dr Bobus
@dowd The election of Joseph Ratzinger was also orchestrated. Was it fraudulent?
What this disclosure suggests is that the election of Pope Francis was fraudulent. Consequently, he is an anti-pope and Pope Benedict is still Pope just as Ann Barnhardt has claimed.
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Jim Dorchak

Pray what else? Daily mass, monthly confession
Jim Dorchak
Ok so now what do we do?
Esta es otra prueba de que la elección de Bergoglio es invalida, igual que un matrimonio es invalido si alguien en lugar de hacer un juramento de fidelidad se casa con la mentalidad de serle infiel a su pareja.
Bergoglio no tiene sucesión apostólica porque el Papa Benedicto no renunció al ministerio petrino y quien actualmente tiene el anillo de pescador es el Papa Benedicto XVI por lo tanto … More
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These are the rotten fruits of Vatican II. We have nothing in common with anti-Christ muhammads and talmud jews.
Jesus is the singular Way to Life, to the Kingdom of Almighty God.
Jews and muhammads are of satan.