Heroic Brazil Archbishop Fights „Dragon Of Traditionalism”

A few podcasts I have seen with prominent Catholic commentators have pretty much hit the nail on the head. We are entering into the 'Great Apostasy' and it has begun AT THE TOP. We have had lots of heresies resulting in schisms, etc, but never have we seen or experienced anything quite like THIS in as beginning with the 'Pope'.

Cardinal: “No Faith Left In Rome”

BrAlexisBugolo…..I think the Cardinal meant that there are many in the Vatican that have 'no faith'....and especially the 'main players'. Obviously, Catholics know or should know that there are still some prelates & clergy in Rome that still have the true faith, and many Italian people are still faithful. The ones at the top that are 'calling the shots' have no faith left.

Poor Francis Is Running Out of Money

I don't think he's getting much money from Americans now, Lalanz. I wouldn't be surprised if it is now 0 dollars with his latest American insult. In fact, Americans now give very little money to their own Bishops because of the total corruption that goes on.

Their Synod: Francis Reveals Handpicked Gay-Activists

PRAY for Cardinal Sarah! He is a sitting duck for RAVINOUS WOLVES!

Francis: “We Must Obey The United Nations”

Alrighty then! We must 'obey' international organizations, even when they are influenced by Satan himself! The man is either a lunatic, or he thinks Catholics are lunatics, or he is evil himself.....or maybe he's just an 'evil lunatic'.

Francis Warns Madagascar Bishops Of Young "Rigid" Priests

Ultraviolet, that's the way of all Marxist progressives....they accuse people of sound mind with the exact same thing as they themselves are guilty of. Once people catch onto this, their 'tactic' won't work as well.

New Old-Rite-Sisters Start in Minneapolis

Real Catholic Nuns? Helping with Catechesis that has been missing for many years There is a sliver of hope in the Church of Christ.

From Buenos Aires: Francis Knows Nothing About Theology, But Interested in Power

"Power" is tantamount to "Pride". It's what Lucifer was cast out of Heaven for.

Pope Francis and His Witches

Right Ratsmea, but there is an upside....he does NOT WIN in the end....GOD WINS...

Francis: “I don’t separate Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants”

Take a close look at the picture of him....something evil in the eyes.

Francis: “I don’t separate Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants”

And...guess who's in bed with the globalists? Francis is fulfilling the job of the False Prophet perfectly.

Francis' Ambiguities Follow “A Plan”

Remember advoluntas, Christ WINS in the end.

Homosexual Orgasm Celebrated in Montreal Church (Video)

How dare these sodomites desecrate the Altar of Christ!!!!!!!!!!!! And how dare the clerics that not only allowed but promoted this display of FILTH!!!!!!!!!

Twisting Words: Kasper "Denies" Secret Meeting About Amazon Synod

As I have said time and again: These people are pathological LIARS. They wouldn't know what the truth of anything is if it slapped them in the face!

Goal of Amazon Synod Even Worse Than Expected


Francis Demands Absolute Obedience

Indeed Lisi….they need to follow in Vigano's steps. Confront the man to his FACE.

Courageous Bishop Practically Excommunicates Two Politicians

We have VERY FEW and I do mean VERY FEW Churchmen that are actually Catholic Christians left. They are either in the camp of the apostate Bishops or they are the world's biggest COWARDS.

Francis Ready To Share Eucharist With Non-Catholics

It is a fallacy that a Pope must 'speak from the chair' in order to change Doctrine. He is living proof of that. He manages to get the job done by going thru the back door. Wow! What an EVIL MAN. He's moving like a speeding bullet to establish the globalists "ONE WORLD RELIGION'

Shocking Profanation Of Eucharist During Easter Mass

And FOREVER! It never ENDS!

Radical Bishop Denies Communion To Kneeling Catholics (Video)

They would have had to CARRY me out of that Church! They should have ALL knelt to receive Our Lord, and REMAINED kneeling!! We need to have a 'kneeling protest'!! We need to demand Altar Rails in our Churches again!! Getting very tired of these unfaithful Tyrants posing as clergy and prelates!! Time to fight back!!