Feminist Lie #6-All Men are Dangerous and Can't be Trusted (what we said in 2012 #kavanaugh)

Why is it that feminists promote the idea that you just can't trust men? Are there no men out there worthy of trust? It is actually developed by the immoral lifestyle that so many young women enter … More

Keeping Romance Alive Throughout Marriage-Fatherhood Workshop 2017

How do we keep the romance going throughout the years of marriage? Is it possible, or do we just fade into a shared existence? What are some of the pitfalls and distractions that come between … More

Masculine Spirituality

What does it mean to be a spiritual man? Is it to evoke the emotion within us? Raylan Alleman discusses Catholic Masculine Spirituality from the standpoints of The Sacraments, principally Confession,… More

Modesty in Dress: Answering Common Objections to Church's Guidance

So we know the Church's standards of proper dress, but how do we respond to the common challenges that are offered when we practice or profess them? Listen in on this valuable insight.

The Hope of the Family - January 2017

Where do we find our hope for the future but in the family? If we get back down to the basics and build strong families, we will be set to face the challenges here before us in our Church and in our … More

Catholic Manhood Today Lesson 2

In Lesson 2 of his book Catholic Manhood Today, Raylan Alleman covers the end of Chapter 2 on Strength including Consistency and Purity as a virtue to practice in maintaining our Strength. Also, … More

For Catholics A Woman's Place is in the Home

Based on GC Dilsaver's book Three Marks of Manhood, be as Catholic as we want to be forming families in truth make it possible for wife to be exclusively devoted to home and family

Fr Wilfredo Comellas+(1964-2013) War Against God's Word of Truth (2013)

In this presentation to a group of homeschooling parents in 2013, the late Fr. Wilfredo Comellas explains the meaning of a word and then more distinctly the meaning of the Word of God. This is part … More

The Heart of the Home

The roles of husband and wife in marriage are separate and distinct. Pope Pius XI said that the husband is the head, and the wife is the heart. Both are critical and vital parts of the body, and … More

Why Eve Fell to Satan

The quest for power can be an ugly thing especially within marriage. When we subvert God's plan, we will have problems.

Catholic Manhood Today-Lesson I

In this lecture the author covers Chapter 1 the Introduction and Overview and selections from Chapter 2 including Strength, Stamina, and Courage. Catholic Manhood Today can be purchased here tinyurl… More

The Heart of the Home-See You in Heaven-The Good Life

"If a mother does not return home to her place of freedom, honor, and integrity, her husband and children and grandchildren will reap even greater ills and so will our society." Rosie Gil. The heart … More

Educating at home

The Church teaches that parents are the primary educators of their children. Now more than ever parents have a tremendous opportunity in educating their own children with the advent of homeschooling.… More

Domestic Church

Here the ladies discuss various ways to celebrate the Liturgical Year and Seasons of the Church Year in the home, making each of our homes a Domestic Church. This is the learning and training ground … More

Saintly Model for Todays Mother

Here the Citabelles discuss a modern-day saintly woman documented in the book See You in Heaven about Mrs. Rosie Gil whose cause for canonization is being brought to the Church.

American Catholic Marxism

The disintegration of the family today, even among Catholics, is no accident but actually an orchestrated attack in order to destroy the Church Herself by Communists and Masons. Listen to these … More

Obama Mandate Produces Urgency for Catholic Homeschooling

The American Muslim sympathizer in chief has ordered that federal funds be withheld from government schools that don't accommodate use of female restrooms by "transgender" males. This is an urgent … More