Roberto 55

Cardinal Müller Uncovers [Francis'] Heresies

The best pope will be "only" bishop Schneider of Kazakhstan.
St Cuthburt Mayne Ora pro nobis sa to páči. 
Roberto 55

Troubling: "I'm a Candidate to be a Jesuit . . . and I'm gay"

To be homosexual is like somebody has other type of disease e.g. alzheimer, ADHD, autism etc.
It'll be better for you to stay lay person instead of to be a Jesuit...It is like to send an alcoholic to the bar.
alex j sa to páči. 
Roberto 55

Catholic priest says anal sex makes gay men more "receptive" to Jesus

He must see a psychiatrist for evaluation or (worse) he is possessed with very bad devil.
Roberto 55

peklo, ocistec, nebo?

Teologovia hovoria o tzv. Limbe, kde sa nachadzaju duse nepokrstenych deti, ktore boli potratene. Kedysi pred prichodom Pana Jezisa bolo aj tzv. Limbo patriarchov, ktore sa vyprazdnilo az po Jezisovom vykupitelskom diele.
Roberto 55

Coptic-Orthodox High-Mass Celebrated in Roman Basilica

Jesus established only One Church-Catholic. So,Tawardos is no pope but schismatic and heretic, therefore they have no right to celebrate in catholic church!
Roberto 55

Corrupt Hierarchy Is Honouring Communist, Abortion Law Hero

or, it is solidarity: black man supports black man, to be catholic is secondary...
Roberto 55

State Sponsored Theft

Can you rather talk about your own raped kids by moslem rape gangs in your own country?
Roberto 55

Marxist Government Defends Controversial Cardinal Elect

I didn't know, that in Peru they have "ministry of de-colonization". Now they are trying "decolonize" people from the Church and catholic faith...
BTW, it's very stupid argument regarding racism and "indio". Better: cardinal husband and indio...