And Coronavirus: Huge Amount Of Traffic, Standstill in Donations
Wichita Knight

Lebanon: Bishops Use Coronavirus to Introduce Communion in Hand

Looking at the painting of the Last Supper it appears that the bread is being passed by hand.

Exorcist Fantasises: Coronavirus “Comes from Satan, Produced in Laboratory”

There is a readily available vaccine for flu. There is no vaccine for COVID, and we are still in the early stages.

Italian Police Storms Mass in Rome (Video)

Two officers calmly walking up to the front door is hardly a storming. When I heard the word 'storming' it conjures up images of a LOT of police in SWAT gear battering down doors while throwing in stun grenades. Emotions are high enough around the world. We don't need throwing gasoline on the fire with sensational, hyperbolic headlines.

Coup – The American Catholic

I have no problem with numbers 1 and 7. Now excuse me while I finish my beer and bratwurst.

Coronavirus: “Church 3.0 Is Atheistic”

"praying and making others pray" How do you "make" someone pray? I always considered praying to be a voluntary act. Coercion takes the sincerity out of it.

Zero Mercy: Priest Hanged Himself

The word is 'corpse.' Corps is prounounced 'core', as in United States Marine Corps.

Vienna: “Vagina Monologues” Performed In Catholic Church

Who was the second beer for?

Cremation Is a True Work of Destruction - by Father Franz Schmidberger, PiusX

The opposite of Progressive is Regressive. Anti-Catholic? Hardly. I am very much aware that we live in the era of materialism and live a minimalist lifestyle. Bodies are necessary for life on Earth, in Heaven they are totally superfluous.

Cremation Is a True Work of Destruction - by Father Franz Schmidberger, PiusX

Have you ever been through the catacombs of Rome? Seen pictures of an ossarium? Our body decays after death. If the Resurrection means putting flesh and sinew back on bones it can certainly reassemble ashes.

German Priest Marries His Pastoral Assistant, She Keeps Her Job

If Ulrich Witte no longer feels the call to the vocation it is best that he leave. To do otherwise is a disservice to all in need of a priest who is fully committed to their calling.

Cremation Is a True Work of Destruction - by Father Franz Schmidberger, PiusX

Necessity of a body for the afterlife was only 'true' when people believed that Heaven resided just above the clouds.

German Priest Marries His Pastoral Assistant, She Keeps Her Job

God brings people together in the strangest ways. Best wishes for the new bride and groom, may their marriage be as happy as mine.

Kindergarten: Francis Admiring Harley Davidson Socks

He's not looking at his legs. He is looking at his SOCKS. I buy 'novelty' socks all the time but I do not think anyone else who looks at them is gay.

Kindergarten: Francis Admiring Harley Davidson Socks

A century ago photographs were only taken on special occasions, and you had to stay perfectly still for 3 seconds. Now that everyone has a cell phone with a camera a lot more pictures wii arise. I don 't think Francis has done anything that hasn't been done by dozens of Popes before him. Only now is someone around with a camera to record every second of what goes on.

Cardinal Hummes: “Ordination of Married Men Will Be Re-Discussed”

Under the wheels.

Francis Novelty: Successor of Cardinal Will be “Chosen by the Priests”

Whenever I had to hire middle managers I always let my staff screen the resumes, conduct the first interview and submit 3 names to me for the second interview. This process of empowering my employees made them feel a sense of ownership and pride in their duties that made the work a lot more than just a paycheck. Bravo Tscherrig!

Vatican Dissolves Another Cassock Community

Jesuits haven't worn cassocks in 40 years.

What Was the Outcome of Cardinal Marx's Big Abuse Study? Nothing

Don't forget Harpo, Groucho and Chico....

Court Journalists Justify Francis’ Outburst

I am fully behind the Pope on this one. If that woman had tried such a stunt with any other head of state the respective Secret Service would have had her on the ground in a choke-hold in nothing flat.
Wichita Knight

Empire of Decadence: U.S. Navy Builds “Harvey Milk”

No American should ever, EVER, wish the sinking of an American warship.