Notre Dame of Paris: A Piece of Heaven on Earth

Awesome talk. We need millions of men like him to re-evangelize the world

PETITION to Pope Francis: STOP appointment of pro-LGBT Abp Gregory to DC

Until thousands of faithful protest these heretics with Rosaries in front of the Cathedrals nothing will change. St. Michael the Archangel defend is in battle.

Francis Wants Emotionalism: Formation "Bores" Young People, Makes Them Become "Negative"

Young people want the TRUTH not bull crap from the pulpit and not holding hands and dancing at mass..

Vatican Receives for First Time Group of Gay Propagandists

Yes of course... his faithful lol

Watch: Sacristan apologises after Archbishop finds whisky in his chalice

Heretics deserve this stunt... the archbishop has already abandoned his faithful for years...

Top Vatican cardinal receives LGBT activists working to decriminalize homosexual sex acts

Its a busy road... the road to hell

Francis Gets Cold Shower From Bulgarian "Orthodox"

No need to suffer heretics...Amen

Priest Apologizes For Burning Books

Let's be nice... NO... lets be CATHOLIC

Braga Archbishop Encourages Mortal Sin

Hell is paved with the heads of heretic bishops. - St John Chrysostom

The Old Rite Is “Breathtakingly Beautiful”


German Bishop Calls For Blessing of Mortal Sin

"Hell is paved with the heads of heretic bishops." - St. John Chrysostom