Cardinal Burke in Melbourne


Latin Mass Melbourne, 14th October, 2018: Confirmations and Solemn Pontifical Mass at the Throne (Celebrant: His Eminence, Cardinal Burke, Assistant Priest: Rev Fr Glen Tattersall, Deacon: Rev Fr … More
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I wish I could have attended
No formal correction. Burke is a council man.

"I tried to create a situation completely clear that there is only one Pope”


Papa Emeritus Benedict XVI, "I have tried to create a situation in which I am absolutely inaccessible to the media and in which it is completely clear that there is only one Pope.”
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Subjectively to someone he may even be Francis. However, objectively on the basis of what has been: declared by Pope Benedict XVI on February 10-th … More
Well since Benedict gave Cdl Brandmüller his written"Apostolic Blessing" in Nov 2017 - he seems to believe (along with a multitude) that he's still … More

Graffiti against Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga


By Edward Pentin. Graffiti today on the main door and walls of the cathedral in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The archdiocese has been at the center of sexual and financial scandals; Auxiliary Bishop Juan … More
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And he knew, hands down
HJA Sire suggests in 'Dictator Pope's that PF likes sodomite officials as they are easier to control.

Recent Pictures of Benedict XVI


Benedict XVI last Wednesday. Pictures published on facebook profile of the Foundation that bears his name. Picutres with Monsignor Gänswein and the photographer Stefano Spaziani, who gave Benedict … More
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God bless you dear Pope Benedict!
God bless you dear Pope Benedict!

Vatican permits Coptic Orthodox Mass in Catholic Basilica


Coptic Liturgy on Sunday, July 8, at the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls, Rome, Italy as part of the visit to Italy. Participated in the liturgy: - HG Bishop Barnaba of Torino and Southern … More
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Holy Cannoli
Cui Bono? Francis gets another feather for his ‘ecumenical hat’ and the Copts (Egyptians) get the following: The Egyptian ambassador to Italy, Hesham… More
Angie W.
Bergoglio leads this apostasy contradicting the Magisterium and the Tradition of the Catholic Church Teachings of the Magisterium en-denzingerbergog… More

Linz Diocese Allowed SSPX First Mass in Parish Church


Fr Johannes Regele SSPX, former Opus Dei member, celebrated his First Mass in the parish church St Michael in Steyr, Austria. Several diocesan priests were there. 500 faithful attended. The church … More
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Thanks be to God

United - Macron and Francis


Meeting on June 26. The lapsed Catholic French president is so keen to cuddle up to the Church, and has just been installed as an honorary canon of St John Lateran. Given his political agenda, under … More
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Macron is also very fond of cosmetics . . .…/emmanuel-macron…
Nu, poklepywanie po częściach miękkich to pikuś, ale że dostał poparcie jako kanonik laterański to już coś.

2017- 02- 02 2016- 09- 09


Almar Mater - Music from the Vatican Taize More
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The Brouchers Of Ordo Militaris Catholicus


Sorry for my camera for being so fuzzy today, but here are the photos of our brouchers, that you can obtain by doing a 20 US Dollar Donation or a 20 Sterling Pound Donation in the UK, it is what the … More

This new “church” in Bavaria cost $17.5 million


Cardinal Marx of Munich has enough money.
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It will make an excellent factory or large truck repair shop someday. German engineering, it will last forever.
looks like it would make a good masonic hall

Statue removed in France


A statue of Saint John Paul II has been removed today from the French town of Ploërmel in Brittany, as it violates a French law of 1905 on the separation of Church and State. The statue had been in … More
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Jim Dorchak
The essence of France is being removed by the french!
I watch all the old movies of France, Germany, Britain. I loved the statues etc. Man is always corrupt. God help us all!

Diocese Reports Miracle Statue Saved Animals During Massive Fire at Zoo


Diocese of Lafayette posted on May 29 on Facebook: · No animals were injured in a fire at Zoosiana over the weekend and some believe it’s because a saint was watching over them! Firefighters responde… More
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Sunamis 46
God loves his creatures