Holy Images


(Samsung Galaxy portraits)
Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us.



Politik, Personen
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John Paul II - as you have not seen him before


Karol Wojtyla shaving, 1959. Karol Wojtyla on an expedition in the Bieszczady mountains, 1953. Karol Wojtyla during his military service, summer 1939. Karol Wojtyla with students near Saint Floriana … More
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JPII ruled for 28 years and the sexual abuse crisis exploded under his command. He should have done wholesale cleaning of bishops and priests in … More

Bishop Rifan (Brazil), April 5, 2018


Administração Apostólica Pessoal S. João Maria Vianney
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Lizzie Reezay received in the Church


She later tweeted, "ILoveBeingCatholic because our Priests, Bishops and the Pope are connected to a spiritual lineage of succession that traces all the way back to the 12 Apostles of Jesus!” YouTube… More
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She could have dressed more properly for a Mass - at least to cover her neck.

This time the deception is on you


There's no such thing as voting. We don't have a government to be voting in!
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This 3D “carbon copy” of Jesus was created using the Shroud of Turin


This statue is the three-dimensional representation in actual size of the Man of the Shroud, created following the precise measurements taken from the cloth in which the body of Christ was wrapped … More
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Holy Cannoli
Giulio Fanti: The professor granted exclusive coverage of his work to the weekly periodical Chi, to which he revealed: “According to our studies, … More

Palm Sunday in FSSP-Parishes - According to pre-1955 Holy Week


Pictures around the world (Mexico, USA, Switzerland), collected by "Rorate Caeli"
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New Online Movement: What Young Catholics Really Want (left)


Left: What young Catholics want Right: What old Catholics want young Catholics to want. More
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Sunamis 46
Dear De Profundis No we would like more priest that are like Don Bosco Or Philipp Neri More
De Profundis
No, no, no. Let's ask the bishops to see, that what we REALLY want is more of the same fun rockin’ masses that keep us entertained.

"best of" Team Bergoglio


Tweeds by Team Bergoglio.
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Why Does The Vatican Honor Deniers Of God?


Stephen Hawking, RIP, the physicist who died March 13, proclaimed “There is no God. I am an atheist” and "Science made God unnecessary". He was awarded the Pius XI Gold Medal for Science from Paul … More
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Dr Bobus
Hawking was a member of the Pontifical Academy of Science for his contribution to Astrophysics. It has nothing to do with his personal life.
In those photos it seems to me two different persons, two physiques.

The Vatican would need to pursue lawsuits against these institutions


In August of 2017, InfoVaticana received a second letter from Baker & McKenzie, this time demanding that in addition to no longer using the crossed keys with the name InfoVaticana, InfoVaticana … More
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This cow explains Catholic religious orders and congregations


What’s the difference between Jesuits and Dominicans? What makes a Franciscan a Franciscan? Why are Carmelites not Benedictines? Actually, what’s the deal with this many different communities, … More
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Madrid churches attacked on International Women’s Day


The churches of Espíritu Santo and San Cristóbal were covered in pro-abortion slogans, feminist symbols and blasphemous messages, causing the Archdiocese of Madrid to issue a strong condemnation of … More
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On February 27, a Chinese Catholic church had its crosses, statues, and bell towers demolished


On February 27, a Chinese Catholic church had its crosses, statues, and bell towers demolished by order of Communist authorities. Before and after.
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Communism and christianity dont mix ,Our lady in Fatima wanted Russia to be consecrated to Her ,so it not to spread the communism idiology through … More
Is this the Francis effect?
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Snow in Rome


University Gregoriana, a nun working and a seminarian playing.
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