Francis Keeps Making False Claims on Amoris Laetitia

Pope Francis has spread the falshood that Amoris Laetitia which accepts divorce and remarriage, is "in continuity (without ruptures)" to the Catholic magisterium. This false claim is contained in a …
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Pope Saint Pius X

"We proclaim that We have no other program in the Supreme Pontificate but that "of restoring all things in Christ" (Ephes. i., 10), so that "Christ may be all and in all" (Coloss. iii, 2). Some will … Lisää
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New lay-run website identifies McCarrick web of influence in the Catholic institution:

Connections - Complicit Clergy

Review Theodore McCarrick's extensive connections with Catholic clergy and organizations.
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Holy Cannoli
After the flogging...
Sólo Díos basta
God makes homosexuals just as much as he makes vegan lions. Be one if you want to, but please don't blame the Lord.
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Time for Resignation: Cardinal O’Malley’s Double Standard

Boston Cardinal O’Malley who presents himself as the big abuse inquisitor, admitted on Monday that he ignored a letter detailing abuses committed by Cardinal Theodore McCarrick. This came more than …
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McCarrick: “The Bishops Conference is anxious to understand how Theodore McCarrick could have been named Bishop, Archbishop and Cardinal.”
Here is the CNS story on the 2015 letter.…/abuse-letter-to…
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Archbishop on “lavenderization” of the clergy

Archbishop Colleridge of Brisbane offers an apparent defense of what is sometimes called the “lavenderization” of the priesthood.
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Prelaadi kiri (september 2013)

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Prelaadi kiri (september 2013) Selle kirja taustaks on Maarja sündimise püha 8. Septembril, Püha Risti Ülendamispüha 14. Ja Maarja Valuema 15. Septembril. 2013/09/03 PDF: Carta del Prelado (septiemb… Lisää
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San Atanasio ora pro nobis
Apostatas marxistas promotores de la sodomía.
Dr Bobus
They are following the Anonymous Christian Game Plan of Karl Rahner.
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Gay Fornication Removed from Altar after Protests

A sculpture of two men kissing each other was placed on a Sacred Heart side altar of the church in Seravezza, Italy, in the context of a July art exhibition directed by a certain Matteo Marchetti. …
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If Bergoglio continues to plague Catholics, Luppi would be queer enough to be a Francisbishop.
Luppi should be removed immediately as "pastor," and laicized. He is a danger to souls.

Salve Regina

Prayer Vigil with Priests on the eve of Solemnity of the Most Holy Heart of Jesus Saint Peter's Square, 10 June 2010. Salve Regina Gregorian chant Text: Hermann von Reichenau Salve, Regina, Mater … Lisää
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Cardinal Tobin Again Knew "Nothing"

Newark priests have spoken to (August 17) about gay abuses in Newark's seminary and archdiocese which include alcoholism, parties and homosexual harassment. The same day, …
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De Profundis
Has any American Bishop admitted that knew or had any inclination that +McCarrick was a homosexual? In 2013 when allegations that +Azevedo sexually … Lisää
De Profundis
Cardinal Tobin tells priests not to speak to press after ‘gay sub-culture’ claims

Episcopal Sodomy: NY AG Outlining Grand Jury Plans

Check out our website where you'll find this episode and thousands of hours of the best Catholic content you won't find anywhere else! Click on the link to sign up for a … Lisää
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Dr Bobus
Or better, Mt Krakatoa or Mt Tambora
Dr Bobus
It looks as if there is going to be a Mt St Helens event in the Church. Finally. Lisää

Johannes Paulus II ja Johannes XXIII kuulutatakse pühakuks, Alvaro del Portillo kuulutatakse …

Johannes Paulus II ja Johannes XXIII kuulutatakse pühakuks, Alvaro del Portillo kuulutatakse õndaks Täna hommikul kirjutas paavst Franciscus alla dekreetidele, mis kinnitavad imede asetleidmist … Lisää
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Abuse victim withdraws defense of Francis after ‘weak’ letter on U.S. sex abuse scandal

August 20, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – After today's publication of Pope Francis' letter of apology to the People of God, Dr. Markus Büning, a German …
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la verdad prevalece
What else could someone expect from a pedophile concealer like Bergoglio who is a professional concealer of Child Predator with many years of experi… Lisää
Bien hecho Bergoglio cree que somos tontos.

Francis diverts from the true clergy sex abuse scandal

Pope Francis responded today in a letter about the clergy sex abuse currently making the news. He says the reason this is happening is because of... Clericalism. In his letter (linked below), he …
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If he sacked his pederasts friends, it would be something. I will do no penance for the crimes of his friends.
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Who was Isidoro Zorzano? (International version, activate subtitles)

Auväärne Isidoro Zorzano – lühike biograafia 21. detsembril 2016 andis Püha Isa paavst Franciscus Pühakuks Kuulutamise Kongregatsioonile loa väljastada dekreedid kaheksa kanoniseerimisprotsessi … Lisää
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Apostate deacon and his bisexual daughter will witness for LGBTQ at World GAY Meeting ANTI Families…

Apostate Deacon Ray Dever Advocate : "Deacon Ray Dever of Tampa, Fla., and his 25-year-old bi daughter, Emily Dever, plan to be “a visible presence” at the church event, according to a press …
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His daughter likes dark clothes, judging from the photo.
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Prelaadi kiri (24. september 2017)

Prelaadi kiri (24. september 2017) „Mida te otsite?”, küsib Issand noortelt. Te peaksite aitama neil kasvada tugeva ja terve südamega, nii et nad kuuleksid Jumalat neist igaühele ütlemas: „tulge ja …
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Almost every significant article on Wikipedia is guarded by powerful forces that appear from nowhere if you dare to make changes, discovers Peter Hitchens

War of words: my battle to correct Wikipedia | The Spectator

How can you be attacked by an encyclopaedia? Until last week I would have thought the idea as absurd as being savaged by a tree frog. Now I know …
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No Vendee because Jews do not believe in Triune God - Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit. Our King of kings and Lord of lords - Jesus Christ - … Lisää
Jesus was a Jew.