Six months of Global Health Tyranny

Six months of Global Health Tyranny - Miles Christi - 19/09/2020

“History teaches us that humanity only evolves significantly when it is really scared. (…) A great pandemic will then increase, better than any humanitarian or ecological discourse, the awareness of the need for altruism (…) And, even if this crisis -of 2009- were not very serious, we must not forget, as with the economic crisis -of 2008-, to learn the lesson, so that, before the next one, which is inevitable, we prepare prevention and control mechanisms, and logistical processes for an equitable distribution of medicines and vaccines. For that, we will have to establish a world police power, a global storage and, therefore, a global tax system. In this way, we will get to lay the foundations of a true world government, much faster than exclusively economic reasons would have allowed. " Jacques Attali, 05/03/2009


Seis meses de Tiranía Sanitaria Mundial

AND IN FRENCH: Tyrannie Sanitaire Mondiale

Jacques Attali is a prestigious and influential French intellectual of Jewish origin, socialist, political and financial advisor at the highest level of the State, whose participation in the French and European political life of the last forty years has been very important. He is one of the main "gurus" of globalism, an enthusiastic promoter of mass immigration from the third world to developed countries and a staunch opponent of "closed" borders, of "identity folds" and the permanence of national sovereignties. He is a prolific author and an inescapable reference in the French and European press when it comes to current economic, financial and political issues.

In 2009, due to the "pandemic" of influenza A (H1N1), he explained with great clarity the role that these "pandemic crises" play in the progressive establishment of a government on a planetary scale, whose purpose would be to efficiently manage resources global levels of humanity, both at an economic and health level, for which: "we will have to establish a world police power, a global storage and, therefore, a global tax system." They are his verbatim words.

And he himself explains that the main engine to accelerate the process of global political and economic unification is fear: "history teaches us that humanity only evolves significantly when it is really scared." For the Illuminist elite fear is the fundamental tool with a view to the implementation of a unified world government. And the "pandemics", one of its main triggers, along with wars and global financial crises.

Jacques Attali published in 2011 a book entitled: Who will rule the world tomorrow?, in which he advocates the unification of humanity under the direction of a planetary government, guarantor of universal peace, the only solution to protect it from the generalized chaos that threatens it. I transcribe below the brief presentation of the book, which can be read on the Amazon website:

“Tomorrow, who will rule the world? USA? China? India? Europe? The G20? The ONU? The multinationals? The mafias? What country, what coalition, what international institution will have the means to control the ecological, nuclear, economic, financial, social, political and military threats that loom over the world? Who can appreciate the tremendous potential of all cultures? Should we leave power over the world to religions? To empires? To the markets? Or should it be returned to the nations, closing the borders? Someday humanity will understand that it has much to gain by joining a democratic government of the world, going beyond the interests of the most powerful nations, protecting the identity of every civilization and managing the interests of humanity in the best possible way. . Such a government will one day exist. After a disaster, or instead. It is urgent to dare to think about it, for the good of the world. "

What else do you need to know to understand that the enlightened caste who largely direct world events, will not stop at any obstacle, until they have succeeded in establishing their long-awaited world government? One would have to be very naive to suppose that such genociders - all active promoters of euthanasia and abortion, which tear fifty million children to pieces every year - would be incapable of using immoral means to achieve their objective, such as a false attempt flag, the unleashing of a financial crisis, a military conflict or a "pandemic" ...

How can people blindly believe the official narrative about what is happening? You have to surrender to the evidence: the degree of brainwashing carried out by the system's disinformation media, instilling panic on a continuous basis, has paid off. Most of the people have lost all traces of critical spirit, independence of judgment and attachment to their personal freedom, and are ready to sacrifice everything in order to preserve their health and physical safety, supposedly threatened by this “global health crisis ”, Completely fictitious and artificial.

The masters of the world must be rubbing their hands must be rubbing their hands, seeing how simple the task of deceiving and manipulating the entire world population in such a short period of time has been for them. A true child's play. "A piece of cake," they will say to themselves, boastful, with a perfectly justified sly smile. This being the case, the slogan will obviously be ne varietur. It will be enough for them to persevere in the same very effective strategy of causing widespread panic, inducing fear, stirring up fear, provoking concern, sowing uncertainty, generating anguish and arousing terror in people.

Health terror. Economic terror. Social terror. Ecological terror. War terror. Terror of any kind, wisely orchestrated and cleverly exploited to tighten even more the pins of an increasingly sophisticated totalitarian gear of state control, on a mass, amorphous population, devoid of all lucidity and with a practically nil reaction capacity fruit of a systematic media indoctrination and of the deterrent power exhibited by the omnipresent repressive state apparatus.

Returning to our character of yore, an emblematic figure of the enlightened World Cup, in a report broadcast by the Public Sénat channel on February 16, 2010, entitled The Future of Jerusalem, Jacques Attali declared:

“We can dream of a Jerusalem turned into the capital of the planet, which one day will be unified around a world government. It's a nice place for a world government. "

On June 5, 2010, on the Arrêt sur Images channel, Attali again referred to the issue of global governance:

“I think you have to target a world government as a strategy. Also, when governments talk about the G-20, it is an illusion, a kind of delay before the world government. We are headed there. Will we do it instead of the war or after the war? I ignore it. But that's the goal. "

On April 9, 2011, on the Public Sénat channel, Attali spoke again on the issue of world government:

“First of all, there is something that can be done in 24 hours: merge the Security Council -of the UN-, the G-20 and the Monetary Committee of the IMF. In other words, the three key instances (…) It is very simple. If the Security Council and the G-20 merge today, we have an instrument of action. It is very simple, you can decide in 24 hours. (…) No nation is equal to world problems. (…) The only thing that could be, is a planetary Security Council, with a true planetary executive power. That will happen. The only question is whether it will happen after a catastrophe or instead of a catastrophe. "

In a 1981 report, published in book form, The Future of Life, Attali spoke about his way of conceiving freedom, euthanasia and suicide, within the framework of a future planetary society governed by a kind of monstrous synthesis of capitalism and socialism:

“Euthanasia will be one of the essential tools of our future societies. In a socialist logic, to begin with, the problem arises as follows: socialist logic is freedom and fundamental freedom is suicide; therefore, the right to direct or indirect suicide is an absolute value in this type of society. In a capitalist society, killing machines, prosthetics that will eliminate life when it is too unbearable or financially too expensive, will emerge and become common practice. So I believe that euthanasia, whether it is a value of freedom or a commodity, will be one of the rules of the future society. We could accept the idea of extending life expectancy on condition that the elderly are solvent and thus a market can be created. For my part, as a socialist, I am objectively against prolonging life because it is an illusion, a false problem. In any case, euthanasia will be one of the essential instruments of our future societies. (…) From the point of view of society, it is much better if the human machine stops abruptly instead of gradually deteriorating. That is clear if we remember that two-thirds of health spending is concentrated in the last months of life. "

So far, the ideas advocated by this guru of globalism, as an exemplary case of this pernicious ideological trend. In the same way, those of any other member of the "progressive" elite could be cited, since we would find in all of them a convergence in the essential. This is the globalized world that this gang of psychopathic terrorists desperately seeks to build, at the expense of the freedom of nations and their inhabitants, for their exclusive benefit, of this megalomaniac and unscrupulous elite of millionaire "philanthropists" who will claim the right to decide for each of us how we should live, under what conditions we can travel freely, what we should think, what we will be authorized to say and do, what vaccines we will receive, how many children we can have and how old we will die ...

At this point, it seems essential to keep in mind that it is not possible to get a complete idea of the current situation without taking a theological look at the events that are unfolding before us, in particular since the beginning of this supposed "global pandemic crisis" . And an eschatological look, to be more precise ...

The book of Revelation, in its thirteenth chapter, describes the panorama that this politically and religiously unified world will offer, under the command of the Antichrist and the False Prophet, both in the service of the Dragon, with the "inhabitants of the earth" massively succumbing to the Universal deception ridden by this diabolical trinity. And whoever does not allow himself to be carried away by its seductive power, and refuses to receive "the mark of the beast" on the right hand or on the forehead, will not be able to "buy or sell," will become a social outcast and will suffer ruthless persecution.

The Antichrist has not yet manifested himself publicly, and the "saving vaccine" decreed by the "philanthropist" Bill Gates for all humanity - which no one should allow itself to be applied, as it is designed to cause harm - is not the "mark of the beast ”. However, everything that has been happening for six months points unequivocally in that direction, it is a training, a dress rehearsal, which pursues the ultimate objective of establishing that New World Order at the head of which will be the Man of Sin.

Thus, this global “planddemic” crisis has made us enter fully into the “final stretch” that inexorably leads to the eschatological times announced by the Apostle Saint John. The period known as "Apocalypse" refers, biblically, to the historical phase that will precede the Parousia or glorious return of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and its duration is seven years. The book of Daniel is clear in this regard: it speaks of a "week of years", known as the "seventieth week", of its famous prophecy of the "seventy weeks", in its ninth chapter.

This week of years has yet to start and obviously I don't know when it will. Its beginning will be given by the coming of the prophet Elijah to evangelize the Jewish people, whose mission will occupy the first half of the week. The second half will correspond to the universal reign of the Antichrist. This week of years - that is, the Apocalypse - as is well known, will be a very difficult time to bear, to use a euphemism. Our Lord expressed it clearly:

"Then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, nor will there be" (Mt. 24:21).

In order not to succumb to discouragement, we will have to arm ourselves with patience and entrust ourselves to God's protection, with total faith and hope in his mercy. Jesus Christ taught us that, when these times come, despite how difficult they will be, far from being swept away by discouragement, our hope must redouble, as this means that his glorious return is very near, and with it, our liberation:

"When these things begin to happen, stand up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is near" (Lk. 21:28).

Therefore, let us watch and pray, that, in these dark times, we may persevere in faith, hope and charity, waiting for the divine promise to be fulfilled:

"The wise men will shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who have taught justice to many, will shine like the stars, forever and ever." (Dan. 12, 3).


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