Cardinal Müller Tells A Fairy Tale

In a June 24 statement Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller criticised Limburg Bishop Bätzing, the President of the German bishops.

Bätzing had said that he was "highly encouraged" during a meeting with Francis regarding the [anti-Catholic] German Synod. Before the meeting there had been voices that the Vatican was critical of the Synod.

Müller said that Bätzing seemed to imply with his words that “devious or incompetent” Vatican prelates were pushing Francis toward a Catholicism that doesn't want to take note of today's "realities of life" while, in reality, Francis was on board regarding the Synod.

However, Müller pretends to believe that "only those who enjoy the gift of infinite naiveté believe in the fairy tale of a good, forward-pushing Pope and his evil, slowing-down collaborators."

A day later, Müller made a fool out of himself on when commenting on his irrelevant appointment to the Apostolic Signatura,

“The Holy Father trusts me not only as a person, but also in terms of my competencies,” he bragged.

Picture: Gerhard Ludwig Müller, © Mazur, CC BY-SA, #newsJkaezcnizn

A "Fairy Tale"? ;-) If the Cardinal did, he won't be fhe first. At least one Catholic priest has written an entire book of them.
Sorry, I find this insulting to Cardinal Muller. I don't think the above article does justice to Cardinal Muller, nor to the very complicated ruses of the devil in his last gyrations to try to pit people one against another, and to forget the virtue of charity.