Police Rejects ChurchMilitant’s Yellow Journalism

Derek Cid, the Chief of Police of Saint Marys Police Department, USA, published an April 27 press release, after had accused his department of having "mishandled" abuse allegations. In Saint Marys, a big part of the population belongs to PiusX.

Without naming, Cid replied that "the statements of victims of sexual abuse being told, their allegations were ‘hearsay’ and that they were ‘blown off,’ are honestly frightening, and not one, anyone currently working at this police department would make without serious consequences.”

Cid has been Police Chief since November 2018, “I strongly disagree under my tenure that there has been any negligence in our investigations or mishandling of any criminal cases.”

It is Cid’s concern that “these organisations [=] inaccurately portraying SMPD and others as somehow involved in ‘cover-ups’ or not following through with investigations, there is the real potential for victims of sexual abuse to not come forward as they will feel their needs for help and justice will not be answered.”

Cid encourages anyone who is a victim or may have information about any possible sexual abuse or any crime to come forward.
I wouldn't take part un this beef, but there is something obvious to comment about this "statement": of course he'd say that, what would you expect, that he said, "yeah, I mishandled the thing, I'm inept and dishonest"? No one is good judge of his own cause