New Pastoral Dogma: Pastor Expelled

Polish born Father Janusz Roginski, 49, the pastor of St. Gabriel's in Burlington, Canada, has been expelled from Hamilton Diocese by Bishop Douglas Crosby.

It was his “pastoral approach towards the pandemic” which led to this, Roginski told He didn’t elaborate on the details.

On April 20, Roginski impressed when he publicly opposed flying a homosex flag outside the schools of the regional municipality in June, a proposal supported by Hamilton Diocese.

He identified the homosex flag as “a sign of division, controversy, a scandal to Catholics, and a sign of promotion of sin” and suggested that the schools should instead dedicate June to the Sacred Heart and Christ’s love which is “all-inclusive.”

However, Roginski’s elimination was already decided a month earlier. St. Gabriel's was a known place for Catholics. Bishop Crosby will likely change this now.

Roginski has been accepted by the neighbouring St. Catharines Diocese.

Picture: Janusz Roginski, Livestream, #newsMouulwtvjd