Cardinal: “Ramadan Is Everyone’s Holiday”

Muslims in Burkina Faso celebrated Eid El Fitr on 13 May, marking the end of the fasting month of Ramadan.

They gathered in the capital Ouagadougou at the Place de Nation for prayer.

Despite the Ascension which was celebrated on the same day, Cardinal Philipe Ouédraogo, 76, attended the Eid El Fitr prayer, thus showing the “solidarity” of the Church to the Muslim community, Burkina24.com (May 13) writes.

"We are happy to express our best wishes to our Muslim brothers and sisters," Ouédraogo said. For him, "what belongs to the pond belongs to the cayman" (meaning: your joy is our joy). With these words, the Cardinal expressed believes “that Ramadan is the feast of everyone.”

“We are children of the same house," Ouédraogo said.


Roberto 55
Stupidity without borders. Maybe this "cardinal" is secret moslem and gave them approval for jiiihaaaad...
There is only one Church, not two. @DEFENSA DE LA NADA You can't even spell "latae sententiae" correctly so don't trouble your empty head about who gets excommunicated by it.
False church. He is excomunicated latae sententia should be expelled.
Not my holy day nothing to do with the Holy Trinity.