Polish Bishops: Serious to the Point of Being Ridiculous

The Polish bishops have a “serious" moral objection against the use of abortion-tainted Covid-19 vaccines, nevertheless, they believe that they may be used.

Lublin Auxiliary Bishop Józef Wróbel, the chairman of the bishops' bioethics groups, wrote on Episkopat.pl (April 14) that Catholics “should not accept to be vaccinated with these vaccines.”

However, this assessment means nothing because Wróbel believes that it doesn't preclude the possibility of using such vaccines. “The faithful, who have no choice of other vaccines and are directly obliged by certain conditions (e.g., professional, obedience within certain teams, structures, offices, and services for which the vaccines are intended) can use them without moral guilt,” he claims.

In other words: The Church utters some bla bla which at the end of the day means nothing. How can the bishops expect anybody, Catholics included, to take the Faith seriously?

Picture: © EpiskopatNews, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsPolmcqades

atreverse pensar
The message should be: offer resistance, at the cost of losing jobs. With so much resistance, the vaccination project would fail.
But so many Catholics support it. That way, they are not the light of the world.
Defeat Modernism
Typical modernist heretics. No faith, no morals and no clue.
and the people who took the "vaccine"