Canada: Let's Burn a Catholic Church, Or Two...

Sacred Heart Church and St Gregory Church on Indigenous land in British Columbia, Canada, burned to the ground on June 21.

The wooden churches belonging to Nelson Diocese were more than 100 years old. They were 55 kilometers apart and destroyed both within less than two hours. The investigation is for arson but the officers "won’t speculate" about a motive.

An unnamed priest told LifeSiteNews.com that there is an “unspoken prejudice” against Catholics, “Why it is when two Catholic churches are torched (as they just were), and it hits the news, the words are ‘police are investigating the cause...’ but [when] a mosque or synagogue is burned, it’s a hate crime?”

He notices that a church was burned down on Indigenous land some years ago: “Expect more.”


Rice-Christian converts showing their gratitude for a century of The Church's generous free hand-outs in the face of a failing.
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