Without Reason: Despotic Archbishop Expels Community

The secularised Curitiba Archbishop José Antônio Peruzzo, 61 (left picture), Brazil, published a decree "prohibiting" to Father Thiago Bonifácio (right picture) any ministry. Bonifácio belongs to the Roman Rite Institute of The Good Shepherd (IBP).

Father Daniel Pinheiro, the Latin America Superior of the community, informed in a December 20 press release, about this abuse of power, and stated that “we consider the decree invalid and null according to canon law and natural law.”

Pinheiro informed that the Institute filed a canonical appeal which suspends the decree. The decree is also a slap in Francis' face who opposes clericalism, legalism, rigidity, and wants "dialogue."

The Institute assures the Curitiba Catholics that they will not be abandoned by the Good Shepherd Institute. At the same time, the Institute declares that it remains faithful to the "Holy Father" and the Catholic [meaning: Novus Ordo] hierarchy.


Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
He looks like one of the old men in my largely Italian/American neighborhood who go to the same Italian restaurant every Friday night in the Summer, have a heaty meal and then sit in the park, talk, chat, and play bocce. I would never guess him as a being a bishop, or a priest. Just the type Frnacis likes.
Jan Joseph
Stop maar met het trouw blijven aan de heilige Vader, anders verlies jee mooie Tridentijnse Rooms Katholieke geloof. Door vriendjes van paus Franciscus wordt je belazerd.
he looks more like a business man than a bishop
Louis IX
Bishops will have the most to answer for at their judgement.
Wilma Lopez
What if we all just ignore him?
Even better, @Wilma Lopez, what if we all just pray for him?
Why can’t a person do both? Ignoring while praying?