Horrendous Sacrileges: Bishops Bring Spain to Justice

The European Court of Human Rights accepted a complaint of the Spanish Bishops against the Spanish State on June 2020.

The case regards an abominable sacrilege committed by Abel Azcona, 32 who spent time in a mental hospital. His crimes happened in 2015, were disguised as “artistic performance,” and comprised several parts,

- the theft of 242 consecrated hosts by Azcona, during masses in Pamplona Archdiocese;

- the placing of these hosts on the ground in order to write the word "pederastia";

- naked photographs of Azcona posing next to the hosts in a demon pose;

- the exhibition of 12 consecrated hosts and photographs, in several cities;

- the Internet mocking of believers offended by Azcona;

- the theft of additional hosts by copycat criminals, with Azcona’s support;

- the sale of sacrilege photographs which are still exhibited in Spain, for €285,000.

Spanish jurisdiction refused to prosecute these crimes.


The bishops will lose, because it's the EU.