How To Behave: Bishop Schneider Tutors Washington Cardinal

It is evident that Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may not receive Communion because of their pro-death activism, Bishop Athanasius Schneider told the Confraternity of Our Lady of Fatima on April 16 (video below).

By giving them Communion, the Church implicitly approves their intention to murder innocent children, he explained. Schneider referred to Saint Ambrose who refused the Roman emperor Theodosius (+395) Communion twice. Once, after Theodosius took the side of Jews against Christians in Callinicum, the other time, after Theodosius allegedly killed 7.000 people in Thessaloniki.

Schneider called Theodosius the most powerful man of his time, compared him to the US president, and challenged Washington Cardinal Wilton Gregory to imitate St Ambrose and tell Biden, "My dear brother, you do first penance and then you will be a true Catholic and admitted to Holy Communion."

However, the reality is different. Gregory declared several times that he will not prevent Biden from receiving Communion. On April 16, the Biden regime announced that state money may be used for "research" on body parts stemming from aborted children.