Italian Police Storms Mass in Rome (Video)

Italian police interrupted a Mass in Cerveteri, Rome, EWTN's Alexey Gotovskiy reports (Twitter, March 15, video below).

The Mass was broadcasted in the Internet. The stream showed few people assembled in front of the Church for prayer.

There was less danger of contamination than in a supermarket, train or bus.


Wichita Knight
Two officers calmly walking up to the front door is hardly a storming. When I heard the word 'storming' it conjures up images of a LOT of police in SWAT gear battering down doors while throwing in stun grenades. Emotions are high enough around the world. We don't need throwing gasoline on the fire with sensational, hyperbolic headlines.
Enough with the clickbait. It might be helpful if you provided a transcript of what the cop said.
Julianne Wiley
I agree with the other comments. This looked a whole like two officers going in and making a calm announcement of some sort. Nobody was frog-marched out the door. Save the hair-on-fire headlines for when something actually happens. We're already jumpy enough. Thank you.