Cardinal Allies With Police Against Rosary

Toronto Archdiocese spared no effort to prevent a small group of Catholics from praying the rosary against the Covid closing of churches. (May 1) reports that the group planned - not for the first time - an April 24 rosary rally outside Padre Pio church in Toronto.

Out of courtesy, they informed the parish priest by email. Only four hours later, a spokesman of pro-homosex Toronto Cardinal Tom Collins replied that no permission was granted "to pray on parish property," and that any public gatherings outside were forbidden and would be fined.

The organiser replied that he last wrote to the Archdiocese seven years ago informing about an unlawful liturgical dance at Padre Pio's in Cardinal Collins' presence (below), but never received an answer. He added that "to us, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, is something worth fighting for, as it was for the martyrs who preceded us."

It seems that the Archdiocese informed the police about an “illegal gathering.” In any case, a police cruiser stood thirty minutes on the parking lot across the church. Moreover, the church was guarded by two gentlemen, one of whom wearing a Knights of Columbus jacket who told a lady who asked him where the rosary was taking place, that she should leave.

The group ended up praying in a nearby park where about twenty chaps illicitly played soccer, however, the police didn't dissolve this gathering.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsFhlrydxtbp

From a man who was a seminarian with the Cardinal: " He was a waffler back then".
GJA Taylor
Canada appears to produce an awful lot of men who like dressing up and big houses, but the faith not so much.
Stay classy, Canada. Meanwhile, here in Murrica, I can walk into the parish I'm registered at 24/7. Our church is always open. Bonus win... before a priest celebrates an unscheduled private Mass, he'll ask anyone praying in the church if they want to receive Communion. TLM in the USA for the win! :D