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Francis: "In hell we are united again" COPE, the radio of the Spanish Bishops, produced a 90-minute interview with Francis. When asked what the greatest disappointment in his life had been, Francis …More
Francis: "In hell we are united again"

COPE, the radio of the Spanish Bishops, produced a 90-minute interview with Francis. When asked what the greatest disappointment in his life had been, Francis answered in general terms. In the case of disappointment, he said, there are two ways: to remain lying down or to rise again. If you stay down, then a line from an Argentine tango of the 1930s applies - quote: " Continue like this, it doesn't matter, there in hell we will reunite."

Francis recommends Parolin as successor, misquotes Merkel

Francis spoke highly of his mediocre Secretary of State Parolin, saying he was the best diplomat he had ever met. In the same breath, Francis called German Chancellor Merkel one of the greatest figures in world politics. He said he was touched when, referring to Afghanistan, she said on 20 August that the irresponsible policy of foreign interference in foreign countries must be ended. However, this statement did not come from the NATO puppet Merkel, but from Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Self-criticism? That is the worst devil for Francis

The question whether the devil was also running around in the Vatican was met with laughter by Francis. The devil is everywhere, he said. Francis is particularly afraid of polite devils who ring the doorbell, ask permission to enter the house and behave like friends. Naive persons will invite polite devils in, but in the end will be left deceived.

Will Becciu be left deceived?

Regarding Vatican finances and the Becciu case, Francis turned into a storyteller. After decades of scandals surrounding Marcinkus, Danzi or Szoka, he said, progress had been made today and transparency had been achieved. One sentence later, Francis confirmed that the Vatican appears to be corrupt. He said that he appreciated Cardinal Becciu, his former confidant, as a person and collaborator and hoped that the trial against him would take a positive turn. In truth, Francis changed Vatican criminal law several times even during the trial to help the prosecution.

No criticism of the German Synod

Francis' response regarding the German Synod was evasive. He said he had written a letter containing everything he had to say about the synod and had meditated over this text for a whole month. The bishops he had spoken to, he said, were not malicious and were pursuing pastoral wishes.

Death bells for L'Osservatore Romano?

The constitution Praedicate Evangelium on a reform of the Curia is still being worked on and will bring only minor changes, Francis said. He mentioned the already known merging of the dicasteries: the Congregation for Education will merge with the Council for Culture, the Mission Congregation with the Council for the New Evangelisation. Francis hopes to fill more dicasteries with - costly - lay people at the top. The media dicastery consumes the largest budget of the Curia. Francis dismissed L'Osservatore Romano as a "party newspaper". The question of how many readers the paper had, he said, was still topical. In compensation, he praised the paper's "great progress" and many "wonderful efforts".

"Beware, Francis could be a homosexual"

Francis fuelled the abuse hoax with much praise for the Church's work of investigation under Cardinal O'Malley of Boston. He confirmed the story that he was walking down the street in Buenos Aires dressed as a priest when a couple of parents asked their son not to approach him because he might be a paedophile.

Francis praises Casaroli's policy of appeasement

"Dialogue" is his preferred method, Francis claimed about the Vatican’s approach to China. He praised Cardinal Casaroli and his fatal policy towards the East, which exposed the Church in the East to tragic persecution. Francis said, quote: "For me, Cardinal Casaroli is the key figure who helps and inspires me. For him, Casaroli was the man whom John XXIII commissioned to build bridges with Central Europe."

Only from the third week?

On abortion, Francis said he did not want to talk about time limits. But every manual of embryology writes that in the third week of pregnancy all organs are formed, and the foetus is a human life, he said. For Francis it is unfair to hire a - quote - "murderer" to kill a human being and solve a problem. It is unclear why Francis did not correctly state the beginning of life with conception.
Dr Bobus
The endorsement of Parolin increases the probability that he won't succeed Francis. Parolin is associated with the sell-out to the Chinese Communists. And he's the Sec of State of a pope not liked by most of the Cardinals.
Dr Bobus
Tagle was brought to Rome to try to siphon off the votes of Third World Cardinals, most of whom are opposed to liberalism.