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Communist Holiday: Anti-Life Rioters Attack Churches

Abortion radicals vandalised Catholic churches across Latin America on March 8. In several countries, they smashed windows, attacked police, and covered walls with hate graffiti.

One of the churches targeted was Cochabamba Cathedral, Bolivia. Bishop Óscar Aparicio noted that “in the name of respect and non-violence, violence is done to us and we are insulted.” This happens to the Novus Ordo Church, which does everything to please pro-abortion extremists.

In Mexico, rioters tore down a fence around Assumption Cathedral in Mexico City, one of the largest churches in the Americas, despite police tear-gassing them.

In Mérida, Mexico, St Ildefonsus Cathedral of Yucatán was vandalised with the hate slogan Abort the Church. In Xalapa, extremists shouted “Death to pro-lifers” and “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries.”